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Finishol 54 - FLOOR CLEANER ( 2 IN 1)

This is another unique product that is consumed in larger quantities by all organisations due to its dual functionality of cleaning and disinfectant-like properties. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, phosphate-free, ammonia-free, chloride-free, neutral pH and aldehydefree liquid soap useful for janitorial, floor cleaning, wash-basin cleaning and also commode cleaning purposes. This product is diluted with water or used directly for cleaning floor and surfaces. It saves time, labour and cost for the organisation due to its dual cleaning technology

Uses - Clean all types of floors like granite, ceramic tiles, marbles, glass flooring, using Finishol 54 diluted with water. Finishol 54 is used to clean toilet bowls, wash-basin, bath-tubs and towels.

Cost Effciency - This product is economical to use since it is diluted with water. The dilution ratio is 1:20 or 1:50 times. One part of Finishol 54 is to be diluted with 20 or 50 times with water. This product does not harm the floor or surface and therefore the life of the floor or surface increases.

Directions of use:

Side-Effects on hands or floor: NONE


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FINISHOL 270 will help people to use a safe product, live a healthy life and avoid any accidents caused by flammable & harmful products available in the market.

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