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FINISHOL™99 - Hand Cleaner

Finishol 99 - Oil & Grease Remover for cleaning soiled hands.

An eco-friendly oil & grease remover for cleaning soiled hands.
It is non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic, safe to store and has a pleasant fragrance.
This product does not require water.
Economical compared to kerosene, diesel and some other products.
Safety FIRST - There are no side-effects on the hands of the user.
Standard Packing - 18 x 1.0 Kg per carton

Ashok Chemicals has introduced a waterless hand cleaner - FINISHOL™ 99. A simple solution to your greasy hands, it is also a non-flammable, chemical-free and non-toxic product which works on grease, oil and oily chemicals. Available in refreshing lime-n-fresh fragrance, the product is highly effective and leaves your hands clean.

Why Finishol™ 99?

Directions for use:

FINISHOL™ 99 will help you use a safe product, live a healthy life and avoid any accidents caused by flammable and harmful products available in the market.

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FINISHOL 99 will help people to use a safe product, live a healthy life and avoid any accidents caused by flammable & harmful products available in the market.

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Smooth texture and easily applicable
Does not affect marine life
Easily available unlike kerosene, diesel, petrol, etc.
To be used without water
Affordable and easy to store
Removes almost all types of greases and oils
Non-Hazardous, non-flammable and free of harmful chemicals
Lime n fresh fragrance