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Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products in India - Finishol

The Finishol range of cleaning products come from the house of Ashok Chemicals, a company responsibly for some of the most revolutionary, eco-friendly cleaning products, since 1961. We believe in cleaning as a ritual of cleansing and cleansing is synonymous to the protection of all that we hold dear.

Our resolve to have #NoHarmDone to humans, business, or the environment has inspired us to create products that focus on your wellbeing, the profits of your business, and our larger goal of creating a better world to live in. This fervent pursuit has inspired the development of path-breaking cleaning products, some of which are pending patent approvals.

Our Green Pro Certification is testimony to the single-minded goal to create cleaners that are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and without side-effects. So, can you use our non-flammable sanitizers near a jet engine? Yes, you can. Can you get rid of grease from your hands without the use of petrol and other such inflammable liquids? Absolutely! Through ‘Green Chemistry’ and ‘Organic Ingredients’, we have ensured that our products are 100% biodegradable and devoid of toxins. The neutral pH values of each one ensures that everything they touch is delicately dealt with.

All our eco friendly cleaning products are made in India. Being an ISO-certified company, Finishol establishes its reverence for quality, an attribute that can be reflected in the benefits your business or home can derive from its use. The waterless solutions ensure lesser wastage. The efficacy of the cleaners enables lighter inventories. Our green processes give you a lighter conscience.

We broadly classify our offerings as:

What Makes Finishol Different

Our eco-friendly cleaning products are created with a single-minded goal to create more good than harm

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What Makes Finishol The Preferred Choice

  • 1 ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
  • 2 GreenPro Certified
  • 3 Dermatologist Certified
  • 4 Carcinogenic Tested
  • 5 VOC Complians
  • 6 Non Toxic (Toxicity Test - absense of toxin)
  • 7 Non Heavy Metals (Absense of heavy metalic impurities)
  • 8 Flash Point Tested (Non Flammable)
  • 9 Determination of Corrosion Inhibition
  • 10 Test for Limscales (No side effects on granite/marble)
  • 11 BOD/BOC Tested
  • 12 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
Plant based enzymes, Natural fragrances, Acid free, Alcohol free, Biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning Products - Finishol

Finishol eco friendly cleaning products kitThe

Naturally-derived ingredients
No artificial enhancers added
Safe for babies and pets
Biodegradable and eco-friendly
Economical because of efficacy, multiutility and waterless options
Supports your business’ sustainable goals
Good for your health and the health of the planet


Conventional Cleaner: Finishol eco friendly cleaning products india

Petrochemical-based ingredients
Packed with synthetic fragrance, optical brighteners and more
Could be dangerous for babies and pets
Produces non-disposable wastethat is toxic for the Earth
Not economical because of poor efficacy and can cause wastage and heavy inventories
Non-sustainable products that harm the environment
Extremely dangerous for your wellbeing and the preservation of the planet
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