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Germs and viruses inhabit even the most unexpected surfaces. To ensure that you and your vicinity is always protected it is essential to choose a cleaning trio like the Protect Kit.

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With the world becoming more mindful of the need for regular sanitization and cleaning, the demand for highly-specialized cleaners has arisen. However, finding cleaners that do the job just well without taking a toll on the environment and the safety of those who use it, is very difficult. To make it easy for you, we have curated the Finishol Protect Kit that comprises of essential cleaners for any business or domestic environment. It comprises of Finishol 36 – a multi-utility liquid soap, Finishol 54 – a 2-in-1 floor cleaner, and Finishol Toilet Bowl Cleaner – that cleans and disinfects, safely.

Kit Features

  • Finishol 36: A multi-utility liquid soap that can efficaciously clean everything, from a rag to a rug, from a bathtub to a bus. It is highly effective and can offer incredibly cost savings in the long run. Know more about Multi-Purpose Liquid Soap.
  • Finishol 54: Cleaning does not always mean disinfecting. That’s why you need a cleaner like Finishol 54 that is safe and non-hazardous while dealing with stains and germs. You can use it in a bottle spray or with a bucket of water. Know more about eco-friendly floor cleaner.
  • Finishol Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Not just toilet bowls, this acid-free cleaner can also be used to clean your taps and faucets, making them glisten as if new. This makes it extremely safe to use and doesn’t harm the surfaces you are using it on. Know more about eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner.

Kit details

  • Finishol 36 (500 ML)- ₹153
  • Finishol 54 (500 ML)- ₹171
  • Finishol TBC (1 L)- ₹144
  • Green Pro Certified products from an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company
  • All products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable
  • It’s an eco-conscious choice for your business
  • You can be confident of no side-effects on your surfaces or skin
  • All products have passed Carcinogenic Tests and Toxicity Tests
  • No heavy metal impurities have been found in any of our products
  • All surface cleaners are tested for limscales and corrosion inhibition
  • VOC-compliance ensures that no harmful gases are emitted from any of our products, which is not the case with most regular sanitizers

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