About Us

Based in Mumbai, Ashok Chemicals is a company driven by innovation. The company’s corporate philosophy is rooted in the principles of innovation.

The company’s vision is to develop innovative and eco-friendly products; introduce consumers to cost-effective, time-saving, energy-saving, safe and environment-friendly products. Our products are designed for the global market and are available at affordable prices. We continue to work towards manufacturing products to add value to the consumers’ lives and will soon introduce two more products in the FMCG category of detergents and fabric conditioners. Leading government organizations in India have applauded the company for its innovative products.

Ashok Chemicals was established in the mid 1960s as a manufacturer of textile auxiliaries. The company manufactures textile products which are as unique and magical as Finishol 99. Finishol 99, a hand cleaner, is the latest innovation from Ashok Chemicals. The oil and grease remover is currently supplied in India through our distribution networks. We aim to export this product in convenient packaging, as per the country’s specifications.

We manufacture high quality products at our plant and ensure safety and well being of our people within and outside the company facilities.

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