Pineffekt Hand Sanitizer

Industrial Hand Sanitizer - Pineffekt Sandalwood(10ltr)
Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer - Finishol Pineffekt(Sandalwood)
Hand Sanitizer for Industrial Use - Pineffekt Lavender(10 ltr)
Anti Bacterial Hand-Sanitizer - Finishol Pineffekt (Lavender)


Available Sizes:

  • 50ml
  • 100ml
  • 200ml

Pineffekt is India’s first revolutionary non-alcoholic, quat-free hand sanitizer that protects against 99% germs, while being beneficial for the skin instead of harmful. It is non-flammable and FDA-approved.

Pineffekt means no harm to you and your loved ones
With the growing use of sanitizers came a demand for stronger alcohol variants. As consumers chose higher percentile values of alcohol concentration, they didn’t pay mind to the side effects of Methyl and Ethyl alcohol used in various sanitizers. Most professional disinfectant products are based on Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (or Quats), which leave a harmful residue after use. For instance, if they are used on a kitchen surface they need to be rinsed off because the residue is that harmful.

Pineffekt is a quat-free sanitizer. What we mean by this is that it can be used once and doesn’t need to be rinsed off later. This is because it doesn’t employ aldehydes or quat compounds that could prove to be dangerous and, in some cases, lethal. Instead, it uses fatty alcohol, which is more natural and forms a safe film around the skin. Due to non-flammable property it can be used in industrial and commercial places.

Product Features

  • Doesn’t contain Methyl or Ethyl alcohol: Pineffekt uses fatty alcohol, which is made up of fatty, waxy substances that have noteworthy cosmetic qualities to help the skin in the long run. Fatty alcohol offers film-forming, emollient, hydrating, softening, and protective effects on hair and skin
  • Doesn’t need to be washed off: A single use of the sanitizer is enough, without having to follow it up with a wash, since there are no harmful residuals
  • Non-flammable: This unique sanitizer has been flash point tested. You can use Pineffekt near an airline engine without worrying it catching fire. This non-flammable property makes it ideal for several sensitive industrial uses.

Product Details

  • Pineffekt is a safe, highly-effective sanitizer for surfaces and skin, which doesn’t contain harmful quats.
  • Green Pro Certified product from an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company
  • This is an FDA-approved product that safely eliminates 99% germs
  • Offers a great advantage for the hospitality and catering industry since it doesn’t leave residuals that have to be washed off
  • It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, alcohol-free
  • It’s an eco-conscious choice for your business
  • You can be confident of no side-effects on your surfaces or skin, in fact the fatty alcohol comes with several cosmetic benefits for the skin
  • It has passed Carcinogenic Tests and Toxicity Tests
  • VOC-compliance ensures that no harmful gases are emitted from the product, which is not the case with most regular sanitizers
  • Available in convenient 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, and 5-litre bottles.


  • Aromatic Lavender
  • Soothing Sandalwood
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