Finishol 36 Multi-Purpose Liquid Soap Cleaner

Industrial Multi Purpose Liquid Soap Cleaner - Finishol 36(5ltr)
Eco-friendly Multi Purpose Liquid Soap Cleaner - Finishol 36


Finishol 36 is a single liquid soap that offers multiple uses. It is effective in cleaning, needs only a small quantity to be used, and is safe for you and the environment.

Finishol 36 means no harm to anything it touches
Regular cleaning products are laced with chemicals that not only affect the surfaces and fabrics you are cleaning, but also cause gradual harm to the environments they are released in, after their use.

Finishol 36 is a industrial multi-purpose liquid soap cleaner that can be used to clean everything, from a rag to a rug, from a bath-tub to a bus. What’s more, it doesn’t adversely effects anything it touches, before or even after its use. It’s no surprise that it is one of our most widely used products.

Product Features

  • Cleans nearly everything: Stocking up separate cleaning products for different purposes is a chore in itself. Finishol 36 can be used to clean a variety of objects and surfaces.
  • Serves as a handwash and a kitchen wash too: It’s incredible how useful Finishol 36 truly is. It can be used in handwash dispensers or to clean kitchen towels and rugs too, as it is safe and non-damaging
  • It’s economic in the long run: Only a small quantity of Finishol 36 is required to achieve the results you desire from your cleaning processes

Product Details

  • Finishol 36 can be used daily to clean floors, glass, cars, buses, bath-tubs, and more.
  • It is safe and effective to use on granite, ceramic tiles, marbles, glass flooring, acrylic flooring, washrooms, and also kitchen washcloths or rags
  • Green Pro Certified product from an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company
  • It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, phosphate-free, ammonia-free, chloride-free, neutral pH, and aldehyde-free liquid soap that is useful for various purposes
  • It’s an eco-conscious choice for your business
  • You can be confident of no side-effects on your surfaces or materials, which helps increase their life
  • It has passed Carcinogenic Tests and Toxicity Tests
  • VOC-compliance ensures that no harmful gases are emitted from the product, which is not the case with regular cleaning products available in the market
  • Can be directly applied or added into a spray gun for convenient cleaning
  • Only one part of Finishol 36 is required to be diluted with 50 or 100 parts of water
  • Available in handy 5-kilogram carboys

How to use it:

  • Add one part of Finishol 36 to about 50 or 100 parts of water depending on your need
  • Clean the surface using the mix with the help of mechanised cleaning machines or a mop
  • You can also add diluted Finishol 36 in a soap dispenser or a spray gun and use it to clean glass or furniture
  • To clean a car windshield simply add 5-10 drops of Finishol 36 in your wiper spray tank
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