Toilet Bowl & Wash Basin Cleaner


Imagine a just one cleaner for your toilet bowl, wash basin, and faucets. This eco friendly, non-toxic toilet bowl cleaner is that single solution to all your sanitary cleaning needs.

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Finishol’s non-toxic Toilet Bowl and Wash Basin Cleaner means no harm to your sanitaryware
Toilet bowls and wash basins often face the wrath of stubborn stains. Irregular cleaning regimes often cause stains to stay longer, in some cases making them more permanent. Conventional cleaning techniques are harsh and more importantly, dangerous not only to the surfaces but also your skin, your air passages (because of the fumes they let out), and the environment. They contain harmful acids that are strong and present a number of side-effects. So, why not switch to a cleaning solution that does more good than harm to your business and its eco-conscience?

Finishol’s non-acidic Toilet Bowl and Wash Basin Cleaner is revolutionary in the way it has been created, keeping you and your sanitaryware in mind.

Product Features

  • Doesn’t contain acid: Acid is present in most of the conventional toilet and wash basin cleaners. They have adverse effects over the long run on the surfaces they are used on and can also harm those using them. Finishol’s eco-friendly toilet bowl and wash basin cleaner is a natural option that doesn’t use acid, while doing the job just as well.
  • Doesn’t harm steel: This economical product is non-corrosive and highly effective in cleaning your steel faucets and pipes. Therefore, you have one less cleaning product to worry about, thanks to this multi-utility. It does a fine job in giving your steel sanitaryware a shine that makes it look brand new.
  • VOC-compliant: The Finishol cleaner, like all our other products, does not produce dangerous gases that are harmful to the user and the environment, in the long run.

Product Details

  • This non acidic cleaner can be used to clean toilet bowls, wash basins, and even to shine steel on faucets and kitchen sinks
  • Green Pro Certified product from an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company
  • Does not use acid like some of the most popular toilet and sink cleaners in the market
  • It’s an eco-conscious choice for your business
  • VOC-compliance ensures that no harmful gases are emitted from the product, which is not the case with most regular sanitizers
  • Has a neural pH
  • Is gentle on steel and is non-corrosive

How to use

  • Flush the toilet bowl, urinal, or wash basin with water
  • Gently squeeze the bottle to direct the product under the rim, around the bowl, onto the water/flush path, on stainless steel fittings, and wash basin
  • Allow the solution to sit for 5 minutes and scrub with a brush or pad to remove stains

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