Finishol 360 Gum/Sticker Remover, Heavy Degreaser & Chimney/Exhaust Cleaner

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Finishol 360 is highly effective in getting rid of stubborn stains caused by oil and grease spills, stickers, chewing gum, and even soot, without any harmful effects.

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Finishol 360 means no harm to surfaces with stubborn stains
Oil and grease stains, chewing gum and sticker marks, rust marks, and soot stains in chimneys are tough and challenging to clean off. Several cleaning rituals require you to combine multiple cleaners and still do not achieve the results you would like. What’s more is that these can be dangerous to the surfaces, environment, and even the body. Wouldn’t it be incredible to have a waterless kitchen degrease cleaner that can clean all of these without causing more damage?

One of the most trying problems faced by homemakers is tough stains. Whether it is chewing gum or a sticker mark on your seat, or a rust mark on your floor or soot stains in chimneys all present very different tough cleaning challenges.

The top-of-the-shelf cleaning products available in the market make the whole cleaning process very cumbersome, as you need to use different cleaning products for different types of stains. It is not only cumbersome for your pocket but is also harmful to you and your family’s health and the environment in the long run.

So to address this challenge Finishol has come up with an eco-friendly household cleaning product Finishol 360 Gum/Sticker Remover, Heavy Degreaser & Chimney/Exhaust Cleaner. It is a kitchen degrease cleaner which is tough on stubborn stains caused by oil and grease spills, stickers, chewing gum, and even soot, without any harmful effects. The best part is that it is tough on stains but is very gentle on the surface. Also as it is a waterless kitchen degrease cleaner, so it reduces wastage of water to a large extent and can also be used on surfaces which are water sensitive. The best part of this Green Pro-certified product is that it can even be used to clean bearings, valves and other components which are otherwise cleaned using harmful cleaners such as petrol and kerosene.

This Finishol 360 – kitchen degrease cleaner can be ordered easily through the online portal and is available in attractive eco-friendly packaging.

Finishol 360 deals with tough stains sternly while being gentle on the surfaces it is used on. It reduces the wastage of excess water to clean such stains and leaves the area looking as good as new. It is a powerful non-toxic kitchen degrease cleaner in India that quickly penetrates tough stains.

Product Features

  • No water wastage: Tough stains tend to cause more water usage. Being a waterless cleaner that can deal with chewing gum and soiled chimneys, Finishol 360 not only helps you reduce wastage but can also be used in water-sensitive areas.
  • Economical in the long run: If your premises require regular cleaning of surfaces that are stain and dirt-prone, using a waterless cleaner is an economical and a more responsible choice.
  • It is a multi-utility cleaner: Not just oil and grease stains, Finishol 360 can also be used to clean valves and bearings, which are generally cleaned using harmful cleaners such as petrol and kerosene.

Product Details

  • You can now get rid of oil and grease stains, chewing gum and sticker marks from various surfaces, soot in chimneys and exhausts in kitchens and other stains that are stubbornly stuck on to epoxy and PU floorings using Finishol 360. It also cleans bearings, valves, and other components
  • Green Pro Certified product from an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company
  • No usage of water means lower water bills and wastage
  • It’s an eco-conscious choice for your business
  • It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, phosphate-free, ammonia-free, chloride-free, neutral pH, and aldehyde-free liquid soap
  • Dermatological-approved for contact with skin
  • Has passed Carcinogenic Tests and Toxicity Tests
  • It has zero presence of heavy metal impurities
  • VOC-compliance ensures that no harmful gases are emitted from the product, which is not the case with regular cleaning products available in the market
  • It is non-corrosive and does not form limscales
  • You can be confident of no side-effects on your hands or your floors
  • It can help reduce your cleaning costs since only a small quantity is required to get the job done
  • Available in handy 5-kilogram carboys

How to use it:

  • Apply Finishol 360 on the oil, grease, sticker, or chewing gum stains with a scotch brush or a sponge
  • Rub the brush over the affected area for two to three minutes. Use a soft-bristle brush for sensitive areas
  • Clean the surface with a clean cloth
  • Reapply Finishol 360 if some stains persist and rub the brush gently till it comes off

Additional information

Stand Up

35″L x 24″W x 37-45″H(front to back wheel)

Folded (w/o wheels)

32.5″L x 18.5″W x 16.5″H

Folded (w/ wheels)

32.5″L x 24″W x 18.5″H

Door Pass Through




Weight (w/o wheels)

20 LBS

Weight Capacity

60 LBS



Handle height (ground to handle)



12″ air / wide track slick tread

Seat back height


Head room (inside canopy)



Blue, Gray, Purple, White




Bausch & Lomb

1 review for Finishol 360 Gum/Sticker Remover, Heavy Degreaser & Chimney/Exhaust Cleaner

  1. Davinder Singh

    Found of cooking hence frequent use of an electrical grill. Invariably expected is the blackening of the pan and grill plate. 360 was used without water easily scrubbed with scotchbrite and wired wool and effortlessly removed. I have used it on my electrical chimnney filters and out body to remove oil deposits.
    Recommended as part of house hold kit.

    Davinder Singh
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